Fridge clear out

We’re off to Cornwall on Friday to visit my partner’s family and make the most of the bank holiday weekend. However that means we need to clear out the fridge of things that could go off while we’re away. I had some natural soya yogurt leftover from when I made the ginger muffins last week and an orange, so I decided to bake some chocolate orange blondies before work. They turned out nice and chewy on the outside and squidy on the inside which means they keep their shape well and any that haven’t been eaten by Friday can easily be packed up and taken on the train with us. We also had a lot of spare veg so I ended up making a slightly odd Mexican-Indian fusion curry as I had a tub of chipotles in adobo sauce that had been hanging around for a while, cauliflower, brocolli, a few new potatoes and a big sweet potato. I roasted the sweet potato slices and curried/chipotled the veg… I used some avocados I had originally earmarked for guacamole to cool if down as with all the chipotles it was slightly burnier than anticipated!



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