Cookies and Scream

2016-04-28 14.13.43We took a day off from work today to get some bits and pieces sorted before we go to Cornwall tomorrow, so we decided to go to Camden for lunch. Our main reason for going to Camden is always to go to Cookies and Scream, a tiny but awesome vegan, gluten-free bakery in the market. We actually first went to this place before I even realised I couldn’t eat dairy, eggs or gluten and the food is so good we didn’t even realise it was ‘different’ from other bakeries at the time; we just went back a couple of years later and thought ‘I’m sure we’ve been here before’… The problem with this bakery is that they cook everything fresh, so when things are gone, they’re gone and if you’re keeping an eye on their Instagram for when yourWP_20160428_001 favourites come out, you have to run to get them before they disappear again. Two of my favourites were on today – the chocolate chip banana bread and the jam cinnamon doughnuts (baked so they’re also yeast-free). My partner had a mook bar which he hasn’t had before and is chocolatey and crispy (and I think peanut buttery which is why I didn’t try it). We both had bourbon toffee milkshakes, which are more ice cream than milk so you it’s more eating than drinking it, but that’s fine! Their pies which seem to have a cookie crust rather than a pastry base have inspired some of my own experiments at making cookie pies, which I’ll post more on soon.

2016-04-28 14.14.55


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