Greenwich and wedding cake

I always look forward to London in summer – it seems to get quieter, more relaxed and just more pleasant (that is when I forget about the sweaty commute, the sudden changes in weather that results in going from boiling to freezing and the filthy feet if I ever try and wear flip flops). It’s always nice going for a wander somewhere new when it’s sunny, so this weekend we decided to go down to Greenwich to try a vegan patisserie stall I recently found online.

We’re getting married in September and I’ve been looking for some wedding cake options. Places that do vegan gluten-free cakes seem to be relatively rare and some of the places that are suitable can look a bit amateurish. I stumbled across Rubys of London, a vegan patisserie, on Google and it looks every bit as professional and fancy as any other ‘normal’ patisserie. While we were pretty sure their cakes were the ones we wanted, we wanted to taste them before we commited to buying 3 relatively expensive full-sized cakes, so we decided to go down to their stall in Greenwich (there’s also a stall in Spitalfields) as it was such a beautiful day today and we could then go for a wander in the park.

You can see my review on the Places page, but the short version is that their cakes are amazing – probably the best vegan gluten-free cakes I’ve had so far and they look as good as they taste. Greenwich market had a few other stalls of interest, including a gin and homemade lemonade stall, a winning combination, especially when it’s about 24 degrees and a savoury vegan stall which had salads and slices which looked really good – but we were too full of cake to actually try this time around. Greenwich park was less than a 5 minute walk from the market, so we took all the bits we bought at Rubys to eat in the park. The park was packed, unsurprisingly given the weather and the views – it’s amazing being able to see the O2, City of London, Westminster and the Cutty Sark all in one panorama. All in all it was a lovely day and nice to make progress in the wedding planning.


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