Just V Show

We went to the Just V Show and Allergy and Free From Show at Olympia today after having found a sign-up for free tickets on one of those annoying little Facebook ads that pop up in the middle of the feed. I had originally signed-up for the Just V Show as I saw that Rubys of London were exhibiting, but it turned out it was venue sharing with 2 other shows, so the whole thing was actually huge.

I’ve never been to any of the vegan, veggie or free from shows, so wasn’t sure sure what to expect, but it was a really nice day. There was tonnes of freebies and things to try from a lot of great brands, some of which I already buy like Nairns and all their biscuits and oatcakes, Heck sausages, Clearspring crackers and tofu, Tesco free from ice creams and Fabulous Free From Factory chocolate raisins (whose staff were just so nice). There were lots of things I haven’t tried before also; some I didn’t like so much – Co-Yo yogurt, Provamel coconut yogurt (though the marshmallows on top were very nice!).. you may be seeing a coconut theme there, but some I really did like Pudology, Pure’s food pots, I Heart Vodka and Riverside Gin for a few.

We went to the Rubys of London stall and bought a couple of their cakes, as we’re planning to buy our wedding cake from them in September so we’re trying as much of their produce as humanly possible before we place our final order. I also got a chocolate courgette muffin from Ms Cupcake, who is usually just that bit too far away being down in Brixton. We bought some chocolates from Cocoa Libre who I’ve loved since buying their rice milk chocolate penguins from Holland and Barrett. We also tried and bought a couple of Yau’s gluten-free vegan sauces which we hadn’t come across before, as well as stocking up on Marigold stock.

Rubys of London salted caramel mini loaf cake

All in all it was a brilliant day, especially give that the ticket was free and we definitely got our moneys worth (so to speak) out of all the freebies and tasters, but we also got the chance to buy a lot of products without having to trawl multiple shops which was really nice and didn’t have to worry about it so much without the entrance fee. We’ll definitely be going again if it’s back on next year!


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