We finally got married! And more importantly, I finally got to spend a couple of hundred pounds on cake and it be considered normal!

All the food for the day was quite important to me. We’d picked the venue mostly because it was in a building in a hotel’s garden that did a BBQ as one of the food options and that was exactly what we wanted. Anything BBQ’d is good, it’s far less stuffy and formal and you get to choose between a whole load of things that they’ve stuck on the BBQ.


We had a plated starter which was melon, with berries, elderflower syrup and microherbs which was really nice and didn’t require any meaty-veggie option confusion. For main, guests could have chicken escalope (un-crumbed of course), sausages (gluten, egg and dairy free), minute steak, veggie kebabs and vegetable burgers, along with about 6 different salads. For pudding we had lemon tart – I asked the chef to make The Intolerant Gourmet’s lemon tart for myself and my vegan friend (who wrote the vegan Berlin review), which was absolutely amazing. It wasn’t much of a looker (at least not in my friend’s photos which I’m stealing for this post), but it was delicious, and more importantly vegan and gluten-free.


The cake. We got 3, 10 inch Ruby’s of London’s cakes. We had chocolate, lemon with blueberries and neapolitan and they were all absolutely delicious. I was slightly nervous about them as they advise that you eat the cake on the day you get them, but since their delivery time is 10am-1pm and our wedding was at 1.30pm, we had to get them delivered the day before to be safe. It was absolutely fine, perhaps partly because me and my bridesmaid did an emergency Google and found the tip that you should clingfilm the box they arrive in as soon as you get them so it makes the box airtight.

I had also decided to make my own wedding favours. Something I regretted massively on the run-up to the wedding. I tried various options including chocolate covered cookie dough (it turns out I don’t enjoy attempting to temper chocolate) but I settled on truffles – specifically these dark chocolate truffles. I had done a test run of these truffles, but on Thursday morning (the wedding was Saturday), when I made the mixture, I managed to split both batches, which could have been a disaster since each batch was to make 60 truffles. However, this experience made me learn how to unsplit ganache, which I’m sure is some sort of required life skill. After a rapid Google, I drained off some of the awful split oil, heated some more coconut milk and whisked it in with an electric whisk… problem solved! Extremely lucky as that was about £20 worth of 84% cocoa dark chocolate. Once the mixture was set, me and my best friend melon balled 120 truffles and it took no time at all.14425550_10210317969926494_7469341094097213118_o

We’re off to Canada on honeymoon in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. We’re going mostly to see polar bears up north in Churchill, but we’re also spending quite a bit of time in Toronto which seems to have a big vegan community. I’ve got my eye on Bunners gluten-free, vegan bakery in Toronto, which looks absolutely amazing and I used as my starting point in getting us booked in an Airbnb. Kelly’s bakery in Burlington also looks brilliant and we hope to pass by on the way through to Niagra Falls.

Anyway, post-wedding I’ll have way more time to bake and hope to get some new recipe inspiration in Canada!



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