Review: Cookies and Scream on Holloway Road

Cookies and Scream has been dropping hints for ages on their Instagram about opening a second shop, so when they finally announced it was going to be on Holloway Road, we made plans to go on Sunday when it opened. It’s a great location, though more for me than anyone else because from where I live I can now take either the 43 or 134 bus from outside my flat and arrive at one Cookies and Scream or the other, perfect flat placement!


Unlike the Camden branch, the Holloway Road branch is in a proper shop front, at number 130, up near the Highbury and Islington station end of the road. This means it has seating, a proper counter and you get to eat off crockery, drink out of glasses and even use a metal fork, pretty exciting stuff. The shop itself is relatively small, but there are a couple of tables and plenty of counter seating, as well as a table on the patio out the back. The first thing we noticed on arriving was the prices – they are higher than they were at Camden – milkshakes are all £4, whereas in Camden they were about £3.50. While it is a bit of a shock to the system, the value for money is actually relatively high as I don’t think they actually use any milk in their milkshakes, it’s at least a half tub of Swedish Glace ice cream plus other ingredients, so that isn’t cheap in itself. I also asked about whether they were going to get a card machine, which they will soon, which is nice given that it was always a pain in the bum having to remember to bring cash to Camden (though until that moment there is a free to use cash machine a few shop fronts down if you forget).

They had a good selection of goods in a glass display unit set into the counter – that may be because it was opening day, but given they have more facilities in the new shop, it may just be the new norm. We had two bourbon toffee milkshakes, a piece of Vicky (chocolate Victoria sponge with cream and jam filling) and some lemon drizzle cake. I was a bit disappointed that they hadn’t invented anything new for the new shop, it’s still all old favourites from the Camden cookies bar, but still, what we did have was great. I hadn’t had the Vicky cake before and it didn’t disappoint – the portion was big and while very sweet, the whole point of Cookies and Scream is to end up in a sugar haze, which we very much achieved.

Best points:

  • Not having to deal with the Camden crowds to get cake
  • Having a loo, which you don’t have to pay for! (definitely a Camden annoyance)
  • Having somewhere to sit
  • Being near Highbury and Islington so Black Cat Café is a quick hop away on the overground! (vegan café crawl on the cards)

Bad points:

  • Price hike
  • Not having an obvious place to queue – your bum is either intruding in the space of the people seated by the window, or you’re lurking awkwardly in the entrance space.

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