After coming back from Canada I’ve been inspired to make pumpkin everything.

A bit of a sticking point though was that other than the decorative pumpkins for Halloween, edible pumpkins are surprisingly hard to find in England. I spent my lunch breaks last week looking all over the local area and found a grocer that is currently stocking pumpkins. I get the feeling he won’t be stocking them for long though so I’ve decided I need to stockpile. By the end of November my freezer is going to be rammed with pumpkin puree and nothing else!

Having never baked with pumpkin before it seemed like a good idea to start by making an existing recipe. I bought Bunner’s cookbook while I was in Toronto and luckily it had my favourite of their baked goods – their pumpkin scones with maple icing.


The recipe presented a challenge though since it calls for garbanzo and fava flour – I had never seen fava flour before in my life. Luckily, after a lot of searching, I managed to find a few solitary looking packs of fava (broad bean) flour in the Haelan centre.

The interesting thing about the chickpea – fava mix is that it’s a lot of protein and not so many carbs, so when you eat a scone it’s actually very light; you end up feeling like you could eat 5 and still feel as if you’ve eaten barely anything at all (not that I’m encouraging eating 5). I found a really good explanation of the types of gluten-free flour and the guide breaks them down into light, medium and heavy, which after having eaten these scones I do actually understand – check it out if you’re interested in trying some of the more random flours out there and the different results they produce.

I also made two types of pumpkin spice ice cream this weekend.p1030994

The first recipe (on the left in the picture) I made was based on the general vegan pumpkin spice ice cream that seems to be popular on Google, which contains canned coconut milk. I didn’t like it! It tasted like coconut rather than pumpkin or spice, which seems to defeat the point for me.

For the second recipe I just went with what I thought would work and for me and my husband at least, it was a lot nicer. Like for my chocolate ice cream I used rice milk and because we like spice, I went a bit crazy with the cinnamon and ginger, as well as a special ingredient which I thought would make it creamier… Recipe will follow soon.

After scones and ice cream, I’m thinking muffins or doughnuts… or maybe waffles, but we’ll see!


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