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Archie Browns, Truro and Penzance

Good2Go, Perranporth

Planet Ice Ice Cream Parlour, Perranporth

Archie Browns – Truro and Penzance, Cornwall

TRURO – As soon as we arrived into Truro on the train we made a beeline straight to Archie Browns which is somewhere we’ve been to a few times now – it has a health food shop and takeaway food bar downstairs and a cafe upstairs. The cafe is vegetarian, with lots of vegan and gluten free options and the food is absolutely brilliant. I’m not usually one to go on about a salad, but their salad is something else. It’s all freshly made, varies each visit and there’s usually about 5 components to it. I don’t even particularly like seeds, which their salad is covered in, but whatever they do to them, i love them!

2016-04-29 14.48.40

I had their salad bowl, which came with a rice salad, a chickpea salad, aubergine, beetroot, leaves, seeds and various other things which resulted in an amazing salad. I also got a side of roasted vegetables (one of a few choices, including crispy tofu and hummus). I opted for a vegan banana-oat milkshake on that day, but they do a selection of fresh juices too which we came back for on the day we left. We had a ginger zinger juice, which was eye-wateringly gingery, but exactly as it should be given the name. As well as amazing main courses they have desserts and a cake display – we didn’t have anything in Truro, but when we went for the juices we also grabbed a lemon ginger flapjack which is gluten-free and vegan and got a really nice lemon flavour. The service is always good, the atmosphere of the cafe really nice, airy and pleasant and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

As well as the cafe, they also have a health food shop which sells a really wide range of alternative milks, cereals, yogurts, ice cream, chocolates, pastas, cheeses etc. but also tonnes of different pulses, beans and free-from and special diet cook books. I love this place!


PENZANCE – Unlike Truro, we hadn’t been to this branch of Archie Browns before and we were interested to see if it’d be just as nice. It is much the same set-up, with a health food shop downstairs, a smaller take-away counter and a slightly larger cafe upstairs. The specials menu didn’t seem quite as extensive as in Truro, but that could have been the day we went as the specials do change daily. I had the farinata and salad – their farinata which I’ve had in Truro before (gram flour batter and whatever vegetables they use to make that day’s special) is the reason I make farinata at home and it is such a versatile dish as you can put pretty much anything in it and is always a good bet. The farinata I had was sweetcorn, peppers, chives and leek and was served with a spicy chutney and mixed salad, which was completely different from the salad at the Truro branch as both branches just use what they have fresh in.2016-04-30 13.27.26

My partner had a sweet potato and broccoli open burger which he had with halloumi, but can also be done with tofu. We had juices – I had a carrot, apple, beetroot and ginger – and I also went for pudding as they do gluten-free vegan crumble which I have never been known to say no to. They serve their puddings with either vegan ice cream, vegan custard or dairy ice cream. My partner had a raspberry-rose polenta cake which he said was really nice, but unfortunately was only gluten-free so I couldn’t try any – their cake selection is good, though there aren’t usually that many options that happen to be both gluten-free and vegan, though there was a chocolate avocado raw cake which did look really tempting.

I didn’t like this branch quite as much as Truro, mainly just because the menu seemed a little smaller and the room felt a bit more open, so the table felt a bit less private; but the food is still amazing and definitely worth a visit if you find yourself down that way.

Good2Go, Perranporth

I’d seen a review of Good2Go on HappyCow a year or two ago, but since it’s seasonal, I’d managed to miss it up until now. We drove down on Perranporth on a horrible rainy day especially to check out Good2Go and it lived up to expectation. It’s actually a trailer in a gap between 2 shops on the main street, St. Pirans Road, but is currently static for the season. They are completely vegan and do some gluten-free options also – I had the mountain chili with gluten-free nachos and guacamole which was really, really good. The guacamole was freshly made for me as they had run out and it wasn’t too oniony or too herby and the chili was tasty, without being too spicy. Unfortunately I’d come the day after a beautiful day so they had run out of gluten-free desserts, but luckily that led to us finding a place that does dairy-free ice cream just across the road.

Planet Ice Icecream Parlour, Perranporth

Just diagonally across from Good2Go, at the road forks to go down to the beach was an ice cream parlour that had a ‘dairy-free ice cream’ sign, so we had a look in. They did 6 kinds of sorbet and 3 kinds of ice cream which were coconut based. I had the chocolate and mint chocolate chip ice creams (there was also a salted caramel ice cream) as sorbet is a pretty much the only vegan gluten-free dessert offered in restaurants, so I’m fed up of it. Despite the ice cream being coconut based and not particularly liking coconut, both flavours had a strong taste of chocolate and mint rather than coconut so I really enjoyed them. It was really nice to have a selection of flavours for once at an ice cream parlour and a pleasant surprise to find the place just by chance.



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