Fortunately gluten, dairy and egg free baking products are widely available in most supermarkets so are quite easy to replace. Some of the flours I use I haven’t included below as they produced directly by local healthfood shops – but other flours I have in my cupboard are: gram flour (to make cheap wraps and farinata), buckwheat flour (to make blinis and galettes) and fine cornmeal (to make tortillas).

Morrisons Dark Chocolate Chips – The best dark chocolate drops I’ve found in a supermarket. I don’t have a local Morrisons, but my vegan friend has one near her place and we’ve baked with these several times. Taste as nice eaten out the packet as they do in cookies.


Stork – The block (but not the tub) is dairy-free. It’s cheap and available in most supermarkets; good for crumbles and cobblers.


Vitalite – I used to use Pure brand marg, but this is cheaper and in a cake or biscuit you can’t taste the difference anyway (not that I think there is a particular taste difference). I  buy this at Tesco, but I imagine most other major supermarkets also stock it.


Trex – Standard shortening I think whether you’re dairy-free or not, cheap and widely available.

Trex better

Dove’s Farm flour – The standard UK gluten-free flour blend (plain or self-raising). Some recipes, particularly American ones tend to suggest you make your own flour blend, but so far, I haven’t had the time or inclination!

Doves farm

I also use the brown bread flour for making pizza bases, which has been far more successful than using either the plain or self-raising. This flour is slightly less commonly stocked than the others, but I’ve found it in Whole Food Market shops, as well as local health food shops.

Brown bread flour

Orgran egg replacer – I have this in my cupboard as the occasional recipe I make calls for it. It can be bought in Holland and Barrett as well as other health food shops. Just as commonly though I use ground flaxseed meal to replace eggs.


Dove’s Farm Xanthan Gum – This is the stuff that is meant to stop gluten-free products being crumbly and dry textured. However, Dove’s Farm flour blends already contain xanthan gum so it isn’t needed as an additional ingredient in most recipes, but is handy for things like vegan meringue. Can be bought at supermarkets and health food shops.