Eggs, gluten and dairy can usually be easily bypassed if you cook from scratch yourself, though there are a few staples that do need replacing. Some things like the pasta I usually just replace with courgetti, but sometimes strings of courgette just don’t cut it so it’s good to have a store cupboard alternative just in case.

Dove’s Farm brown rice pasta – Good pasta, but don’t make the mistake of cooking some for pasta salad, it has a pretty awful texture when it gets cold! Available in shops like Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market and local health food shops. I have seen pasta in the supermarket, but it tends to be the white version.

Doves farm

Yutaka reduced salt soya sauce – For me one of the most important things to replace as I love sushi, but sushi minus soya sauce isn’t the same. This soya sauce is low salt and gluten-free, so I use this for eating sushi. I buy this from our local sushi store, but I’ve also bought before in the Japan Centre.


Meridian Free From Tamari soya sauce – This tamari soya sauce is more widely available and isn’t low salt, so I use this one for cooking rather than eating directly. I bought this in a local health food shop, but I’ve also seen it in chains like Planet Organic.


Marigold Swiss vegetable vegan bouillon powder, reduced salt – One of the few stocks I’ve found that doesn’t have yeast in! Available in all health food type places, including Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market etc. There are so many varieties however, just check it’s the right one.


VeGourmet Jeezo Swiss – My favourite vegan cheese! This has the taste and texture of edam and I use it for pasta bakes and pizza usually (as well as eating random chunks). I buy it at Vx in King’s Cross and there’s also a branch in Bristol. I haven’t seen it elsewhere but Vx do have a mailorder service. It isn’t particularly cheap, but the pack is very big, and I usually use it over several meals.


I’ve also tried their Celtic style cheese, which was very nice and more cheddary.

Violife block cheese – Not my favourite cheese, but also not bad. This is available in supermarkets (I buy it in Tesco) and it is in smaller packs, so about half the price of the Jeezo cheese. However if you attempt to grate it, it has a tendency to clump rather than grate. A bit annoying, and doesn’t result in the prettiest dish, but also not the worst thing in the world as it still tastes fine.