There are a lot of milk alternatives out there and from what I’ve tried there isn’t much difference between the brands, so it seems to be worth just going cheaper. I don’t like nuts myself, so I haven’t tried any nut milks, though my partner has (almond and hazelnut) and wouldn’t particularly recommend them for either porridge or tea.

Tesco unsweetened soya milk – Boring, but functional. It tastes fine in tea, porridge, baking and everything else, just don’t drink it plain! I used to drink Alpro Light, but this is basically the same and usually cheaper. I also drink Sainsbury’s unsweetened soya milk at work, which tastes indistinguishable from the other 2.

Tesco soya

Oatly – My partner uses the regular version in his porridge out of choice rather than necessity, so it must be good. I drink the chocolate Oatly and occasionally pour it on cereal to make a dairy-free, gluten-free cocoa pops alternative. I wouldn’t tend to drink the regular version as an every day milk-alternative, just because oat milk has a higher sugar content than unsweetened soya, so has more of a noticeable taste in tea. Available in supermarkets and health food shops.


Alpro Rice Milk – I use this to make ice cream. Like oat milk, it tends to be quite sweet so has a noticeable taste in tea (though if you put sugar in your tea anyway, it might not matter). Widely available.

Rice milk

Koko coconut milk – I’ve tried this in tea and it is actually quite nice and neutral tasting – I wouldn’t have known I wasn’t drinking soya milk for example, which as a person who isn’t that keen on coconut is a very good thing. Widely available.

coco milk